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Assistant to the Dean
Job Description

The Assistant is an integral member of the ministry team at the Cathedral of Saint James, serving the work and mission of the Church as secretary to the Dean, support to the Cathedral staff, hub of information to the congregation, and a friendly and welcoming presence to all who come to us. The Assistant serving in a Church environment is a true generalist with responsibilities that include but are not limited to:


The Assistant is often the point of first contact for all who come to the Cathedral for any reason. The Assistant is responsible for representing the Cathedral in all their dealings and in creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all, which include:

  • Answering the telephone, receiving, answering, or redirecting email, greeting visitors who come to the door for appointments or assistance.

  • Answering questions and solving problems of a general nature and if the individual still needs additional support the Assistant directs them to the appropriate person or resource.


A church office is the clearinghouse for all information about the life and work of the congregation which include:

  • Working with the Dean, staff, and Cathedral leadership on the effective communication of projects, programs and opportunities through publication of a weekly newsletter, contributions to the Cathedral’s website, contact with media for publicity and advertising, design and production of promotional materials, and production of service bulletins for Sunday and weekday worship. 


The Assistant also oversees the day-to-day functions of the office which include:

  • Maintaining the Cathedral’s membership database, keeping church records, organizing hard and digital files, ordering office supplies, scheduling maintenance for office equipment, keeping the office and supply room orderly, and keeping the Cathedral’s website and social media platforms up-to-date. 

  • Working in consultation with the Dean on the Dean’s calendar, the Cathedral’s functional calendar, and scheduling use of the Cathedral’s facilities. 

  • Conserving the Dean’s time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting information; problem solving and decision making.

  • Operating office machines and systems such as the copier, scanner, voicemail system, security system, and office computer.

  • Supporting the planning and execution of staff meetings and other meetings designated by the Dean or Cathedral Leadership.

  • Participating in special projects or events for the Cathedral and/or the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.

Further Responsibilities and Expectations: 

  • The Assistant is expected to maintain and develop knowledge and expertise with the tools of the office which include: Microsoft Office, especially Word and Publisher; PowerChurch Plus, the Cathedral’s membership database; Ministry Scheduler Pro or similar cloud-based scheduling software; Dropbox or similar cloud-based file storage and sharing; Facebook or similar social media platforms; Squarespace or similar website platform; and office machines. 

  • The Assistant should pay close attention to details and be thorough in completing work tasks.

  • The Assistant should be professional in manner and appearance, empathetic, flexible, and pleasant in all situations. 

  • The position varies in its demands, and the Assistant should be willing to collaborate, but also to take initiative and spend time productively with minimal supervision. The position requires the Assistant to be open to change, adaptable, and flexible.  

  • The position requires the Assistant to be reliable, responsible, dependable, and to fulfill all obligations within this job description and otherwise deemed necessary by the Dean. 

  • The Assistant must uphold a strict level of confidentiality and discretion as they are both paramount in a church office environment. 

This position is a non-exempt position.