nan noecker

 Hometown: South Bend, IN

Occupation: Finance Manager, United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Indiana

How long have you attended St. James? 35 years

In what ministries do you participate? Choir, Nicole Lambelet’s discernment committee, Relationship Building Committee, Discernment Subcommittee Listener

Who is your greatest inspiration? My grandmother on my mother’s side, Edith Maria Piersol Axe. She’s been gone many years, but I still miss her. I try to be the same type of grandmother for my seven grandchildren as she was to all of her grandchildren, including me.

What’s God been teaching you recently? To enjoy this life even more fully - to have fun and yet to take the time necessary to listen to others and most especially to Him.

What’s one place you’d like to visit before you die and why? To see my favorite musical, Les Miserables, on stage in London accompanied by my son, Adam, and his partner, RJ.

Your most memorable experience? Being so tired one night when I went to bed that I couldn’t even say my prayers. I asked God to have His angels say them for me. Waking up later and seeing to ladies “angels” in my room praying and being overwhelmed with the deep sense of God’s loving presence in my life.

What’s your favorite book? Into the Wilderness (series) by Sara Donati

What’s your favorite food? Prime Rib