Dr. Nathaniel Warne
assistant to the dean for Administration

Nathaniel joined the Cathedral staff in July 2019 as Assistant to the Dean for Administration. Originally from California’s Bay Area, Nathaniel has served in a number of pastoral roles over the last twenty years. Along with his ministry experience, he received degrees in theology from Talbot School of Theology in Southern California, Bexley-Seabury in Chicago, and Durham University in the United Kingdom. His particular theological interests are in philosophical theology and ethics, political theology, and spiritual development with particular focus on human flourishing (happiness); doctrine of creation; theology of work, economics, and vocation; and moral and spiritual formation. On these topics he has published in a number of academic journals and edited volumes, and has a book on happiness and the doctrine of vocation coming out with Fortress Press early in 2020. He also held a postdoctoral research associates position at the University of Notre Dame and is currently in the process of ordination to the priesthood in the Diocese of Northern Indiana. In his spare time, Nathaniel likes to roast his own coffee beans, listen to and play music, draw and paint, and be with his spouse and two children.


Doctor of Philosophy: Philosophical Theology and Ethics
Durham University (United Kingdom)

Master of Arts: Theology, Ecclesiastical History, Ethics
Talbot School of Theology

Diploma in Anglican Studies: Theology and Liturgy
Bexley-Seabury Seminary Federation

Bachelor of Science: Fine Arts, Biblical Studies
Biola University